Loan Online of 500 Euros in 10 Minutes

Do you need money quickly and do not know where to get it? Visit cocredit where new customers are made loans up to 300 euros and recurrent loans up to 600 euros in less than 15 minutes.

Teleban gives you the opportunity to get the money you need so urgently without having to submit a payroll or endorsement or proof that you are receiving a pension, that is, to have regular income on a monthly basis.

Another interesting website of the same group is Telebank (it is also a company domiciled in Spain, which in itself is a guarantee of reliability).

I must give you the warning, that if you figure as a defaulter in Financial Credit Institutions, they will not grant it to you, although if this is not the case, the chances of being approved are very high.

New customer at cocredit

New customer at cocredit


If this is the first time you request a loan, follow these steps and in just a few minutes you will get your first fast online credit for an amount of up to 300 euros:

Step 1: Access the website of the lender and fill out the online form they have on their homepage. Fill in the data and click on the “Request” button

Step 2: You will be asked to provide some documents to verify your identity and the seriousness of the request. Then they will contact you to compare all the information you have contributed.

Step 3: They will examine your application and through SMS they will respond if they have agreed to grant you the online micro loan that you have requested

Step 4: You will have to respond with another SMS with the word “In Agreement” This is the form that you have established to accept the conditions of the loan agreement of Telebank.

Step 5: Next the lender will carry out the bank transfer of the money granted to the bank account that you have indicated. If you work with the same bank they will have the money in your bank account in 15 minutes and if it is a different bank it may take a few hours to be available in your account.

You are already a customer of cocredit

You are already a customer of cocredit


If you have previously hired a loan with the company, it will be even easier and faster to get a new loan, and for a much larger amount: up to 600 euros. You can do it through two routes

  1. Entering the web with your username and password (that you will have assigned when you contracted the first microcredit) and in your profile you will see the necessary tools to request the money so that in a few minutes you have it available
  2. The second way is by sending an SMS. You will have to send a message with the text “Telebank”, your password and the amount of money you request. Once you receive the message Telebankrapid will send you an SMS to which you must answer with the word “In Agreement” and with these simple steps again order the bank transfer of money to your bank account.

Complementary information

Complementary information


They are characterized by being mini credits without the need to present a guarantee or guarantee, nor of course have the need to submit a photocopy of payroll or pension.

This entity is specialized in processing microcredits very quickly: in 15 minutes. It is advisable not to use this type of loan to pay other orders in advance, but they must be destined for urgent expenses such as a repair in the home, a household appliance or to pay the penalty of a traffic ticket and so you can take advantage of the discount 50% for prompt payment.

In the application process we have commented that you will be asked for some documents to verify the seriousness of your request, these documents are the DNI or NIE, a bank receipt and a photocopy of a bank card where you appear as a headline, all to verify your personality and that you have from a bank account where you can make the transfer at the moment your miniprestamo is approved without endorsement.

As personal requirements to be granted, you must reside in Spain to be over 21 years old and under 70 years of age, be the holder of a mobile phone line and not be included in any list of defaulters such as Financial Credit Institutions ( if you are enrolled in Ansef you can request the online microcredit from the microcredit companies listed here )

The amount you have to request is at least 50 euros and a maximum of 300 euros (if you are a new client) or 600 euros if you are already a customer from other times.

The money transfer will get you the money if the indicated bank account belongs to one of the following banks: SPAL, Bankate, Bankmia or Unicash

How the loan is returned to Rapid Credit

How the loan is returned to Rapid Credit


Before addressing the question of what is the procedure, we must recommend that this type of financing should be used responsibly and being very aware that upon arrival the date set should be returned as agreed.

The return period is 30 days. Next I show you a graphic example of the data that you must contribute to make the repayment of the loan:

When the expiration date arrives you must enter the amount of money stipulated either by depositing it in cash or by making a transfer to the bank account indicated by Telebankrapid. It is important that in the concept you include your DNI or NIE so that the lender identifies which user is returning the money.

If the date arrived you could not return the amount of money stipulated you can request a deferment of payment for another 15 or 30 days through Bankate, to do all this they have created a specific form on the website of Telebank

Other companies that grant mini loans without payroll are Rebank, Eicredit or hypocredit that enjoy a great reputation among consumers and that each one is more the person who hires them.

As you may have observed, TelebankRapid has very simple and fast procedures and for those who are looking for other options they can use our online mini-credit comparison.

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